MEDX pharmacy

MEDX pharmacy

Listing Id: 319157

Company Name: MEDX pharmacy

Bel Remaitha Club, 38, Al Rebat Street G Floor Nad

POBox: 49294
Telephone Number: 04-2854641
Fax Number: 04-284642
Business Activity: Medicines,Sports Nutriton,Health Food suppliments

Company Profile:

Medx pharmacy, Bel Remaitha club, E-mail :[email protected] Nad Al Hamar, Contact:0553263444 Dubai Company profile History of MEDX Pharmacy MEDX is a leading specialty retail pharmacy. With “Professional technology serves human health” as the mission and “customer-oriented, efficiency, and employee achievement” as the corporate philosophy. Founded in 2015 and the passion impulse to perform has nurtured its growth over the last seven month . MEDX is devoted to serve excellent growth in turnover and profitability by expanding its number of outlets to double the current store count in the coming two years. Product & Services The aim is to improve the health and wellness of our communities through engaging experiences that provide our customers with the best products, services and advice to meet their unique needs. Thousands of customers walk into MEDX stores every day because of the availability of a variety of Healthcare products one requires upon stepping out of a clinic or a hospital looking for any healthcare need. Categories ? Medicines ? Vitamins and Supplements ? Sports Nutrition ? Skin and Beauty Care ? Specialty Home Care ? Mother and Baby Care ? Home Health Care ? Orthopedics and Rehabilitation ? Personal Care ? Homoeopathy medicines ? Optics….. Our services Home delivery The Home Delivery pharmacy offers one-stop shopping for prescription medications. MEDX members who want the value and quality of our products now have the convenience and privacy of shopping at home , 24 hours a day. They can be delivered anywhere in the Dubai. MEDX offers a wide variety of non-prescription remedies, vitamins & herbal supplements & Nutrition Products home health monitors & devices to help you manage your health. Free Health Screening Have this value added facility where customers get free health screening for checking their blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, Skin at the self-checking ……. Our values ? We are truly passionate about our customers ? We believe in integrity, honesty and openness ? We cultivate understanding through respect and dialogue ? We are disciplined in our approach ? We deliver on our goals Group bands Helth Care Medx pharmacy is one of the largest retail pharmacy in the UAE. Medx Pharmacy are designed to be a healthcare products, present quality medical products at the best prices in a refreshing ambience. In addition to providing easy availability of medicines and products, Medx Pharmacies have qualified staff who can guide customers on diet, nutrition and medical matters.Medx Pharmacies stock a wide variety of curative, nutritional & baby care products systematically displayed for allowing over the counter service. Nutrition Sector Nutrition sector is a leading retailer of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, sports nutrition and organic food in the UAE.

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