Healthserve Home Healthcare

Healthserve Home Healthcare

Listing Id: 321595

Company Name: Healthserve Home Healthcare

331 Sultan Business Centre, Oud Metha, Dubai

POBox: 49079
Telephone Number: 043577657
Fax Number: 043577657
Business Activity: Home Healthcare Services

Company Profile:

Health Serve is a DHA Licensed Home Health Care Service Provider, conveniently located in the beautiful and progressive city of Dubai. It was passionately formed by medical and health management professionals to bridge the gap of clinical support services between the specialty physicians and their patients by providing healthcare services to them at their doorstep. Our team consists of highly qualified, skilled, experienced and multinational healthcare professionals. The team has been trained to integrate western technical skills and eastern hospitality to provide high quality healthcare for our patients and help them to enhance their lives. We, at Health Serve, ensure that you receive the best possible care in a professional manner in the comfort of your home away from all the queues, appointments and waits.

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