GC Audio Visual Rentals LLC

GC Audio Visual Rentals LLC

Listing Id: 322117

Company Name: GC Audio Visual Rentals LLC

Ras Al Khor Ind II, Dubai, UAE

POBox: 75839,
Telephone Number: (0)4 3338207
Fax Number: (0)4 338206
E-mail: honoreen@gc-rentals.com
Website: http://www.gc-rentals.com
Business Activity: Professional Sound, Lighting, DJ Gear, for Events

Company Profile:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Company in a brief discerption: GC Audio Visual Rentals provides professional advisory services to help you map out all aspects of your event, from thought to execution. Since our inception in 2012 we have evolved into UAE’s leading events partner with a solid reputation for flawlessly executing World-class events, Corporate events – MICE, Conferences, Trainings, Annual day events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, Stage Shows, Birthday Parties, or even if it’s just a simple DJ event for a weekend we provide top-of-the-line technologies and high quality equipment on hire in UAE, GCC & India. Our Team consists of multi-lingual staff bringing with them many years of experience in the field of Events and Technology. Our Services: • Complete event visualization • On Site Technical Services throughout the event • No additional Fee for Management when renting AV Equipment • No additional cost for Technicians to Manage the equipment • Event Production, technical and logistical services • Rental equipment

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