Fast Life Businessmen Services

Fast Life Businessmen Services

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Company Name: Fast Life Businessmen Services

903 Juma Aman Building Nahda 1

POBox: 2623
Telephone Number: 04-2655442
Fax Number: 04-2655442
Business Activity: Businessmen Set up Services

Company Profile:

Dear Sir/Mam, With reference to our discussion please find Fast Life Businessmen Service is professional & reliable organization for all your documentation needs. Our mission is to save efforts and time in the process of clearing all documents, related to Government Departments Authorities i.e. Emirates ID General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs “DNRD” Dubai Economic Department Real Estate Regulatory Agency “RERA” Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassies and Consulates etc. Dubai economic department work. Business setup and Company Formation. Business Partnership & Consultancy. Local Sponsorships & Local Agents. Document Clearing. PRO Services. Typing Services. Immigration Work. Visa Assistance for Schengen, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, China & Turkey. Travel Insurance. Translation Services. Tenancy Contract Attestation ( Ejari ). Documents Clearing Services. Documents Pick up & Drop Off. Airport Pick up & Drop Off. We are assisting Hassle free Paperwork for House Maid Sponsorship as well. We are flexible as to where and when in order to meet the customers time and location preferences. Please find the attached details about services we are offering. For any last minute job please contact us.

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