Wedding Planner Dubai

Wedding Planner Dubai

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Company Name: Wedding Planner Dubai

Business Bay Dubai UAE

POBox: 12533
Telephone Number: +971556704762
Fax Number: +971556704762
Business Activity: Wedding Organizer Dubai

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The Wedding planner Dubai has 17 years of experience in weddings and events industry and welcomed many couples from UAE, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan and India, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and more... Venue Selection - Creating themes - Kusha / stage production - Gazebo - Floral decoration - Dance floor & catwalk - Venue design - Furniture - Catering - Sound system - Light system - LED screens - Techniques and Equipment - Entertainment DJ - Hair and Makeup - Photography & Videography - Crane - Drone machine - Firework - Fog machine - Concierge Services - Transportation - 3D Design

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