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Company Name: Tripxtours

Tripx Tours Clustor W. P.O. Box : 391263 - Jumeir

POBox: 391263
Telephone Number: +971 4 554 8458
Fax Number: +971 4 554 8458
Website: http://
Business Activity: sri lanka tourism packages,tour packages to sri lanka,tour packages from UAE

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Today, as one of the most competitive travel and tour companies in the UAE, our outbound and inbound packages from UAE are extremely popular. Our clients depend on us to give them a holiday to remember – be it an adventure packed trip for the thrill seekers or educational trips abroad as a group. TripX tour packages are great value for money and are tailor made to suit all pockets. Our exceptional services include dubai tourist visa processing for UAE and other countries, hotel bookings and worldwide Land Transport which is simple & hassle-free. Our standards, costeffectiveness and reliability have earned us a loyal clientele in a very short span of time.

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