Specialized Sundried Foodstuff LLC

Specialized Sundried Foodstuff LLC

Listing Id: 322002

Company Name: Specialized Sundried Foodstuff LLC

Warehouse #3, Nadd Al Hamar, Dubai

POBox: 410677
Telephone Number: +971042888501
Fax Number: +971042888601
E-mail: ssfoodsgroup2017@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ssfoodsgroup.com
Business Activity: Retailing, Food and Beverage, Packing

Company Profile:

Specialized Sundried Foodstuff LLC has been active in the market since 2008. We are proud to inform that we have some of the biggest clients spread all across UAE market and GCC Region and we are one of the best dried fruits supplier as well. SSFoods pioneered a new concept in Dried Fruits and Nuts and has factories that apply the finest talents and experts to produce a wide range of confectionery and sweets. SSfoods specialized in private branding for chocolatiers, hotels, hypermarkets and patisseries. To create and develop high level value in the market, we attend exhibitions (SSME, Gulf Foods Exhibit and SIAL) to promote new products, gain experience and to meet buyers from different companies in the region and global food industry.

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