SOffice Supplies Dubai & UAE, STATIONERY DUBAI

sOffice Supplies Dubai & UAE, STATIONERY DUBAI

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Company Name: sOffice Supplies Dubai & UAE, STATIONERY DUBAI

Al Mahatta, Immigration Road, Behind Citi Bank, Ga

POBox: 21936
Telephone Number: 9716 5500931
Fax Number: 9716 5500931
Business Activity: Office supplies

Company Profile:

If you are searching online about “office Supply or Office Supplies” than this is right information all about the industry. Market trend show significant growth for core office supplies in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi & UAE Office supply retailer & Wholesaler may get extra boost in upcoming months. Group Purchase May help to reduce your expenses. An easy and efficient strategy to reduce waste is to consolidate commonly used workplace supplies. First, limit the purchase of supplies such as scissors, pens and pencils, sticky notes, facial tissue, tape, file folders and paper clips to a single person or unit, which reduces redundant purchases and thus purchasing costs. What we do:- • Display Systems • School Stationery • Office Supplies, Stationery • Papers & Rolls • Office Machines • Boards & Flip Chart • Office Furniture • Printers & Multifunction • Desktop & Monitors • IT Accessories • Toners & Cartridges • Laptops & Notebooks Why us, This is always comes in mind “why us” because we are different than others, now everyone think how “Stationery Dubai” is different from the others – we care our customer as an our partner, we do really care when it comes with commitment, our designated staff are highly trained to assist the problem and we are always try to give right solutions to our partners.

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