Sk-Touch Interior Design Solutions

Sk-Touch Interior Design Solutions

Listing Id: 322074

Company Name: Sk-Touch Interior Design Solutions

Oud Metha st, Gulf Tower

POBox: 123
Telephone Number: +971566768017
Fax Number: +971 566768017
Business Activity: Interior Design Solutions, Concept Design, Execution Drawings

Company Profile:

SK-Touch is a full service Interior Architecture & Design company based in Lebanon & KSA. We have expanded our clientele from Beirut area to service client's need abroad. Projects created cover from Corporate, Retail & Residential. Our designers are proficient in CAD 2D & 3D Drawings in addition to presentation images of suggested design concepts for proposed projects. Our company is specialized in the 2D/3D conceptualization of a project and making it a reality through all aspects of Design, Construction & Procurement process while delivering timeless, innovative design concepts. SK-Touch offers Complete Turn-key Solutions & Renovation for Villas, Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Restaurants & Retails. Completed a wide range of Residential & Commercial Projects, we firmly believe in a collaborative partnership approach with our clients. We attempt to have a clear understanding of our client's needs and we aim to fulfill them to highest satisfaction. SK-Touch provide clients with a comprehensive range of Interior Design Services, enabling them to use our services completely & blend project elements with our in-house team and consultants.

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