SaniService -The Swiss Concept of Disinfection

SaniService -The Swiss Concept of Disinfection

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Company Name: SaniService -The Swiss Concept of Disinfection

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Saniservice is an Indoor Air Quality specialist providing a unique 100% chemical free Air condition disinfection services to facilities such as Residential, Offices, Clinics, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Spas etc. We specialize in disinfecting all areas related to A/C unit, offering a unique disinfection service that significantly reduces toxins and pathogens in the air and on all surfaces. Please contact us for free Inspection with report and pictures. AC Cleaning and Disinfection Every home appliance needs maintenance. It is your job to see to it that your appliances at home are all functioning well. It is better to set a budget for the maintenance than to just wait for them to be out of order. Letting those appliances malfunction makes you spend more money and worse, it comes in least expected times. So it is best to manage and check the schedule for maintenance to be done together with the checking. Keeping a logbook or a record can help you not to forget as it may cause some minor problems to worsen. There is no better way to start monitoring the performance of your AC than to make the schedule first with yourself and the service provider. There are both the do-it-yourself cleaning methods and the process done by your service provider. Choosing a reputable service provider helps you to be sure of the advantages you get. – Make sure you have checked with your friends about their services and how it is done. – Verify with the authorities on your place for security especially when they go inside your house. – Search on the internet for other services they offer and its history and company review. – Make sure that it is legal and licensed. If you are asked to sign an agreement, then you have chosen the right AC cleaning company. Don’t choose the one which uses chemicals as disinfectant. AC systems must be cleaned properly. Its proper cleaning must come with disinfection. It is definitely a fact that you need to have your AC cleaned by the professionals but it must come with the proper way of cleaning the air it gives out. It must come with proper disinfection. This process must be made free from harmful chemicals. Although you may smell refreshing scents, you are still not sure that you are inhaling the right compound. It is always your job to check the contents of the disinfectant to be used and so with the process. Both should be done safely. As you are already given the pointers for good AC cleaning companies, here are the factors to be checked in cleaning your AC system. – All parts are cleaned from the inside to the outside housing. – Filter fins are brushed carefully by a gentle brush. – Bent filter fins are put back into the right position with a blunt knife. – Remove old oil and replace with exact amount after cleaning or replacing the condenser. – Be sure that every component is free from debris and dirt. – Make sure that the AC is free from any moist. – Place back the parts cleaned to their right places. The value of the money you have spent in purchasing your AC unit won’t be put into waste if you are mindful of its maintenance. Early precautionary steps will be of great help to your expenses. Always have your AC system cleaned by the best company so as to take yourself and your family from respiratory concerns. AC Duct Cleaning Kids are precious in our hearts. They are the gift of life and joy that God had given you. You always make sure that the protection of your kids comes first before your own. Kids are very susceptible to diseases. Pollutants outside your home can be a source of danger, but pollutants inside your home is more dangerous. It may be overlooked at times but the carpets and curtains you use, the aura in your basements, kitchen, rooms, and bathrooms especially air conditioned units pose an eminent threat to the health of your kids and loved ones. Air conditioning units, vents, grills and filters can be the home of thriving living organisms. A few of the organism live in outlets and inlets inside your home are fungi, bacteria and moulds. As we intake the air circulated by our AC, it causes allergies due to allergens. These allergens can cause coughs, colds and asthma. Try using disinfectants to clean the air inside your room. But changing/cleaning and monitoring of AC filters should be done at least twice a month to ensure over-all health of your unit and to know if there is clogging. You can vacuum and wash filters as needed. A dirty AC is grounds on having frequent headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion and wheezing, sore throat, nausea, flu-like illness and fatigue. Dirt that has clogged in air filters can result to chronic respiratory diseases according to Hub Pages, 2014. Avoid smoking, monitor the moisture level inside your home, keep and enclose harmful chemicals outside. Double check and run exhaust fans inside bathrooms and kitchen. Do not forget to open windows as much as possible to guarantee proper ventilation and lighting. These are a few effective ways to keep the air inside your home free from radicals that can harm you aside from cleaning. It can be your first line of protection inside your home. Neglecting to clean your air conditioning system can be a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. It causes Legionnaire’s disease. It is life threatening disease that you can usually get when you inhale a mist which contains that bacterium from air conditioning systems, hot tubs and showers. It is not infectious. Symptoms include high fever, chills, and coughs. In some cases patient can experience muscle aches and headaches. It grows in temperature averaging from 68 to 122 Degrees Fahrenheit. This cozy environment inside AC’s the perfect breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. A clean AC gives off cooler air, thus preventing heatstroke. Heatstroke usually occurs when the temperature outside is higher and our body cannot release the heat absorbed. It is very dangerous. AC provides benefits and also danger to different individuals. If you own an AC unit be sure that you know how to maintain it properly. Neglect may be the root cause of health problems you are suffering right now. Cleaning is a small price you need to do to ensure that your over-all health is perfect. What makes a good indoor air quality? A good indoor air quality is one of the most important components of a dwelling place or a business office. Indoor air plays a major role in the health, well being, and comfort of the occupants of the building. A poor indoor air quality can greatly affect the health of the people inside the building. It can cause asthma, allergic reactions, lung problems, heart problems, and other diseases that may range from mild to serious. In Dubai, the maintenance of the indoor air quality is very important because the people spend most of their time indoors. If you are a homeowner or a business owner you have to take indoor air quality improvement seriously. So what makes a good indoor quality? Indoor air has three main components namely; humidity or temperature, amount of oxygen, and the presence of contaminants in the air. Everyone knows that oxygen is important for the proper functioning of almost every muscle in the body. Oxygen is usually present in fresh air. People can usually get fresh air outside their homes and offices. However, people in Dubai are staying indoors most of the time. It is therefore important that enough concentration of oxygen is present in the indoor air quality Dubai. Sufficient ventilation inside your home or office will help maintain oxygen levels. Residential and Corporate entities in Dubai usually rely on a good A/C Cleaning Company to deliver good indoor air quality. This is not a bad idea though. A professional A/C Cleaning Company should have the experience and the tools to effectively and significantly improve your indoor air quality. Humidity and temperature affect the indoor air quality by triggering contaminants. Very high humidity can trigger growth of molds which can contaminate the indoor air. As for the temperature, extremely high or low temperature will make the indoor air uncomfortable. Because of naturally high temperature in Dubai, you must see to it that your HVAC system works properly to assure a good IAQ Dubai. Your home or office must not be too hot or too cold. Contaminants are another important component t to be considered in maintaining a good indoor air quality. People often fail to realize that indoor pollution can be more dangerous than pollution in the environment. The air inside your home or office can be contaminated and can cause health problems to you, your family, and employees. Some of these contaminants are harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide usually comes from humans and animals. Carbon monoxide is produced by machines, chemicals, and other equipments. If these gases have higher concentration than oxygen, you home and office is prone to pollution. Indoor air can also be contaminated by dust, pollens, smoke particles, organic vapors, and tobacco smoke. The use of harmful chemical inside the building may also contaminate the air. The presence of these contaminants in the air can cause to indoor pollution. This is why knowing the state of your IAQ is also important. A reliable A/C Cleaning Company should have the expertise and equipment to test the state of your indoor air. A good indoor air quality can be determined by sufficient amount of oxygen, proper humidity and temperature, and without harmful contaminants. A good indoor air quality also means that the occupants do not suffer from discomfort due to indoor air. Cleanliness in the home or office also contributes to the quality of the indoor air. The cleanliness of the occupants and freedom from contagious diseases also affects the indoor air quality.

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