Rahtcom Cleaning Company

Rahtcom Cleaning Company

Listing Id: 324509

Company Name: Rahtcom Cleaning Company

Acico Business park, Deira, Dubai

POBox: 00000
Telephone Number: 0528763087
Fax Number: 0528763087
E-mail: irfan.rahtcomcleaningcompany@gmail.com
Website: https://www.rahtcomcleaningcompany.com
Business Activity: cleaning services dubai, cleaning compay dubai

Company Profile:

you have come to the right place. Rahtcom Cleaning Services Dubai is one of the premiere janitorial service companies that carries over 20 years of professional experience. As a team, we are committed to ensuring that the work we do, the decisions we make are reinforced by these values and we understand that it is our behaviors that best define this commitment.We recognize our wider responsibilities. ? We contribute to an ethical supply chain by reducing the environmental impact of our solutions and support the communities in which we work. ? Our experience extends to dealing with homes,building service contractors, retail, education, government, healthcare and the hospitality industry.

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