Qingdao Lehua New Material Company

Qingdao Lehua New Material Company

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Company Name: Qingdao Lehua New Material Company

53# xiangtan road licang qingdao china

POBox: 266043
Telephone Number: 86-532-80923369
Fax Number: 86-532-80923369
E-mail: lehuaacp@yahoo.com
Website: https://lehuacn.en.alibaba.com
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Shandong Lehua Aluminum & Plastic Products Co., Ltd, manufacture of Aluminium composite panel 20 years. We own 4 Germany advanced production line, and more than 200 members. We are the main suppliers for Shanghai Volksweagon ,4S Automobile Shops as well as some other big projects in China such as Harbin Exhibition Building, the National Building Materials Testing Center, China Military office building,etc. In addition, our product widely use in Kazakhstan President Palace, Vladivostok City Office,Chicago Train Station, Department store in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore Post and Telecommunications Building, Azerbaijan International Airport and many large project,etc.Our products are highly recommended due to the 20 years of high quality and after sales service. Would you like to get samples for testing, my dear friend ,Sample is totally free for you ,as we really hope we could have chance to be your supplier, we are very glad to be assist for the whole supply chain.

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