Professional Experts Legal Translation

Professional Experts Legal Translation

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Company Name: Professional Experts Legal Translation

Mohammed Ali Juma Bu Farrosha Building, 39, Sheikh

POBox: P. O. Box
Telephone Number: 00971 4 2299889
Fax Number: 00971 4 2369200
Business Activity: Legal Translation

Company Profile:

Professional Experts Legal Translation is specialized in translating: •Laws, international agreements, business agreements, legal texts, court judgments and official resolutions •Insurance policies, banking, Islamic financial transactions and audit reports •Marine, aviation, logistics and telecommunication documents •Engineering and energy documents, construction plans and all industrial projects •Medical, pharmacy, and veterinary documents •Advertisements, brochures, websites and marketing material •Media material, newspaper articles and television documentary films •Books, biographies, research, studies and conference papers •Interpretation in conferences, events, television programs and before courts •Accompany businessmen and senior officials on travel to provide translation services world wide.

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