Professional Connections Business Management servi

Professional Connections Business Management servi

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Company Name: Professional Connections Business Management servi

Flat No. 106, 1st Floor, Safeer plaza Building, N

POBox: 4781
Telephone Number: +97142385860
Fax Number: +97142385860
Business Activity: Business & Legal consultancy, Debt recovery, business formation., business and paralegal services,

Company Profile:

With a local presence in Dubai UAE since 2001, Professional Connections has since played a pioneering role in the provision of consultancy in Business management and related services throughout UAE and the Gulf region. We at Professional Connections are passionate about maintaining a special connection between our clients which moves forward on our three basic values: o Customized and Out-of-the-box solutions o Pragmatic approach o Feedback focused We assure you that the information and experience gained may not be directly from any manuals but are an analysis from hands on practical knowledge gathered within the spheres of the business community and the local culture and legal framework of the UAE. We give special attention to every detail making sure the client is equally aware of every aspect and is on the same page. Our Vision is to establish ourselves as valuable professional partners guiding all our clients based in the UAE and abroad by providing business related services & consultancy based on Trust, Confidence and dedication

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