Office Centre LLC

Office Centre LLC

Listing Id: 321045

Company Name: Office Centre LLC

Shop G-8 and Shop G-16 I Rise Tower Hessa St Barsh

POBox: 116053
Telephone Number: 42764523
Fax Number: 42764523
Business Activity: Office Furniture, Office Chair, Workstation, Office Supplies, Stationery, School Supplies, Office Eq

Company Profile:

Office Centre LLC is a duly registered business company in Dubai, UAE and is actively engaged in the Office Stationery & Office Supplies, Corporate Furniture, allied industries and offers comprehensive design, manufacture and installation services within U.A.E, Middle East & Africa (MEA Region). Founded 1998, Office Land in Lagos, Nigeria is where the company originated with 100 employees. Office Centre is an affiliate of Office Land Solutions in JLT, Dubai which started year 2013.

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