Metallic Building Materials LLC.

Metallic Building Materials LLC.

Listing Id: 318965

Company Name: Metallic Building Materials LLC.

Unit #103, Apricot Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dub

POBox: 35857
Telephone Number: 045178200
Fax Number: 042894395
Business Activity: Construction Equipment, Engineering, Building Equipment, Power Tools

Company Profile:

Founded in 1991, Metallic Building Materials LLC. (MBM) is a well-established Stockist & Distributor of quality products across the UAE and the Arabian Gulf, and continually expanding throughout the region. We are a project-oriented company, headquartered in Dubai, with branch offices in Oman & Qatar and affiliations in Bahrain, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia with agreed sole distributorship of various engineering companies in the United States and Europe. Our general business practices include approaching builders and contractors directly to fulfil their building needs through our expert sales staff. We carry a wide range of products implemented in HVAC, firefighting, and plumbing applications such as Pressure Vessels, Air Separators, Dosing Pots, etc. and Pipe Hangers & Clamps for supporting Chilled Water Pipes, Sprinkler & Plumbing Lines. We at MBM proudly represent the following world-renowned companies: -AGF, USA -Wilkins, USA -CLA-VAL, USA -Flamco b.v., EU & USA -Kennedy, USA -PHD Mfg. Inc., USA -C&E Fein, Germany -ITW Ramset/RedHead, Australia & USA -Eibenstock, Germany -Taco Inc., USA

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