Mashal Al Zarooni Chartered Accountants

Mashal Al Zarooni Chartered Accountants

Listing Id: 322085

Company Name: Mashal Al Zarooni Chartered Accountants

Office#701,Level 7,Alkhazna Tower,Al Najda Street,

POBox: 45669
Telephone Number: 00971-026799231
Fax Number: 00971 (0) 2 6799351
Business Activity: Consultancy Services

Company Profile:

MAZ CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS is an independent Member of International Accounting & Audit Network (i2an), with branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi ,Sharjah, and London. We are a listed arbitrator and expert auditor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE Courts. We have a team of dedicated business professionals with efficient skills, personal integrity and objectivity to render quality service to the clients and associates. We provide the following services: •External Audit for the Financial Statements. •Courts Consultancy Reports •Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. •Internal Audit •Tax consultancy •VAT consultancy •Business Set-up in UAE. •Financial and management consultancy •Feasibility study and business plan •Accounting software solution •Corporate finance •Preparation of Company Board Resolutions. • Arrange Audits Financial •Liquidation •PRO Services We have undertaken external audit and special assignments for a number of leading International and local organizations. We have a strong resources and network in UAE for undertaking the assignments. We have undertaken a number of due diligence and mergers/ acquisition advisory assignments for both local and foreign institutions in Dubai and have specific experience & expertise in critical areas of operations in an organization.

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