Little Pandas Early Learning Centre

Little Pandas Early Learning Centre

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Company Name: Little Pandas Early Learning Centre

Villa no. 6, Street no. 51, Behind Dubai Zoo, Jume

POBox: 211515
Telephone Number: 9714344 6371
Fax Number: 043446372
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Little Pandas Early Learning Centre, Dubai, is a boutique, family owned and run nursery providing personal attention to the care and development of all children who attend the setting. Our hands on approach means that attention to detail is our success. As owner operators we take a vested interest in the intricacies of each family that comes to us. Creating a personalized package to suit their childcare needs. From the ages of 02 months to 6 years all children at Little Pandas Early Learning Centre follow the Early Years Foundation Stage – the National Curriculum of England for all children from birth until they go into Primary School. This in turn prepares the children and feeds into the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 – which is covered in the Reception Class at Primary School.

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