Little House Nursery

Little House Nursery

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Company Name: Little House Nursery

10A street, Jumeirah3, Dubai, UAE.

POBox: 0000
Telephone Number: 043887130
Fax Number: 043887130
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Located in Umm Al Sheif, Jumeirah near the Mall of the Emirates, Little House Nursery offers a safe, unique and enabling environment for children from 4 months to 4 years. Our eight classrooms are large, bright and full of stimulating and age appropriate resources. Each classroom benefits from modern audio-visual equipment including smart boards, projectors and screens. There is a large, shaded outside play area with plenty to keep the children occupied and during those hot summer months we have a spacious, indoor, soft play gym. Children will be treated to activities such as yoga and dancing. Following the UK Curriculum – Early Years Foundation Stage – we focus on three key areas; Personal, Social and Emotional Development Physical Development Communication and Language We also incorporate French, Music and Art into every day at the nursery with a dedicated teacher for each subject and if requested, Arabic lessons can be arranged. Little House Nursery is able to offer the full curriculum taught in French, if preferred.

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