Laith Al Obaidi

Laith Al Obaidi

Listing Id: 323252

Company Name: Laith Al Obaidi

Show Room 320: Ras Al Khor, Ducamz Free zone

POBox: 00971
Telephone Number: +97143335464
Fax Number: 0123456789
Business Activity: cars sales in duabi , luxury cars in dubai, pre own cars in dubai

Company Profile:

Of all the things that we have accomplished over the years, the most valuable to us are the relationships we have established with our clients. Every day we work to strengthen these relationships. We achieved this by maintaining our ethical-commitments towards our business associates. We strongly believe that successful, longer lasting business stands on principles and ethics. Through our creative and professional business approaches, we’ve enhanced the equation of our business constraints (Cost, Quality and Time) by improving our quality while reducing both cost and delivery time. Our own real life experience clearly shows that nothing stands impossible against bright brains and strong-wills. I’m confident of Laith Al Obaidi Management; we have not only survived, but has succeeded in controlling the quality standards among all car companies in the entire Middle East Region. Mr. Laith Al Obaidi

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