HR Chronicle – HR and Payroll Software Dubai

HR Chronicle - HR and Payroll Software Dubai

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Company Name: HR Chronicle - HR and Payroll Software Dubai

IBRI House Building Office 11, Near Noor Bank Metr

POBox: 38196
Telephone Number: +97143383775
Fax Number: +97143383774
Business Activity: Payroll Software

Company Profile:

Everyone Benefits with HR Chronicle We appreciate that every organization has certain specific requirements, its own HR Processes & procedures, you can therefore contact our team of professionals and we will ensure that we provide you with a solution that works. Our features are not only limited to what we offer as a standard, we can create custom tailored instances to meet your demands. Helping the Organization Human Capital, the company’s greatest investment, can be managed more effectively than ever before. HR reports can be supplied to the managers, when they need them. HR Chronicle can generate this automatically on your behalf. Our HR and Payroll System is totally customizable, allowing you to create a solution that meets your needs exactly, not just delivered as a standard boxed application. Helping the Employees Employees benefit from better service levels and a faster turnaround for their requests, as automation speeds up many routine administration tasks. Communication between the organization and the workforce is enhanced, leading to higher self-esteem. High Levels of Security As the data about the employees is critical to any organization, HR Chronicle is sure to give you the peace of mind with its high level of data encryption making it one of the strongest and robust systems available today. Also the group security features at the user level make it easier for an organization to assign different tasks to users depending on the job roles of particular HR team members. WPS Compliance System features thorough compliance with the local law to meet the WPS requirements with automated salary transfer letters to Banks & other Financial Institutions. System also supports automated file uploads for Online banking system where electronic file uploads are required. To sum up, you won’t have to do any additional work outside the system to generate files as per bank’s requirement. Fully Customizable It is a fully customizable product that allows your company to tailor the system to your organization specific requirements. It allows you to dynamically set the Calendar, Allowances, Deductions, Leaves, Settlement criteria to perform salary calculations. In a nutshell, you could simply define how the system would work for you. Employee self-service portal provides your organization a web-based platform to facilitate front-desk processing for employee requests Each Employee will have a unique LOGIN-ID, which can be used to apply for various HR-Requests on the Web-Based Self Service Portal, with Email Notifications for each service. Managers, can approve / reject / requests and have access to data in real time to take quick decisions. Managers can see all information for the team, approve requests for their team members for various service, i.e. Leave, expenses, time sheets, appraisal forms. Employees can confidentially communicate to HR or Managers, about related issues. Excellent web-based system with ease of deployment. - Online Access to HR Policies - Leave Management - Loan Management - HR Helpdesk - Air Ticket Management with email notification to the travel agent of your choice - Letter Requests and Generation - Performance Evaluation - Expense Claims - Time sheets - 360 Degree Review Evaluation - View Individual Employee Documents - Company Address Book - Powerful 5 Level Approval Matrix for All Self Service Requests - Inter Company Approval Matrix

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