Hotpack Packaging Industries LLC

Hotpack Packaging Industries LLC

Listing Id: 318843

Company Name: Hotpack Packaging Industries LLC

Plot 598-1624; Dubai Investments Park-1 Jebel Ali,

POBox: 80590
Telephone Number: 971 4 8051853
Fax Number: 971 4 8051999
Business Activity: Disposable Products, Food Packaging products, Branding on Food packaging products, Tissues, Paper Cu

Company Profile:

Hotpack LLC is a recognized leader and we specialized in designing, manufacturing and supply of different varieties of disposable food packaging products in Plastic/Foam/Paper/ Aluminum Range in the UAE & MENA region. We have more than 3000 products, and our products are designed as per the requirements of Supermarkets, Star hotels, Airlines, Restaurants & Catering companies, Facilities management companies, Military services, hospital & Medical services co. etc. We are the preferred supplier to Dubai Airport Authority, EMIRATES AIRLINE, Etihad Airport Catering, MAF, CITY CENTRE,IKEA,AL SHAYA GROUP, KFC, BURGER KING, TEXAS CHICKEN,TIM HORTEN,COLD STONE CREAMARY , & Star hotels n resorts etc. We do take orders for customization/private brands, for more details please visit Catalogue Corporate Video: Rest assured of our quality & most important the competitive prices which we offer to our business partners. Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact : [email protected]

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