HomeSolutions General Maintenance LLC

HomeSolutions General Maintenance LLC

Listing Id: 322061

Company Name: HomeSolutions General Maintenance LLC

108, Diamond Business Center 1-C, Arjan, Dubai Lan

POBox: 10827
Telephone Number: 80014746
Fax Number: 97144225158
Business Activity: General Maintenance, Carpentry, Wooden Work, Tiling Services, Plastering Services, Plumbing services

Company Profile:

Home Solutions General Maintenance L.L.C, has been formed with core mission to provide specialized services to Commercial Corporates, Industrial, Residential, Shopping Mall & Institutional Enterprises. We have developed an outstanding service reputation measured by a reputable performance record in UAE. We guarantee our world class services at the most competitive price in market. The growth in the domestic market is evident with many of our reputed clients all over UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, RAK Al Ain & Umm Ul Quwain). The pillars of our company are well versed and specialized and experienced. Our employees should be our key success factor our workforce. Our company’s professionals and skilled workforce that dedicated expertise experience to our teams through our peak Quality Assurance program. Each team is in constant contact with our Supervisors ensuring perfect communication and excellent results. We believe in one motto “Small Change at Home Can Be Magnet for Viewers” Our core success is based on the aim to provide a tailored solution to meet our customer’s expectation within a best time frame. The attributes of Home Solutions General Maintenance LLC are ever Trust, Commitment and Consistency.

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