Hallmark International Auditors & Accountants

Hallmark International Auditors & Accountants

Listing Id: 323102

Company Name: Hallmark International Auditors & Accountants

Office 312, RKM Building, Opposite Al Qiyadah Metr

POBox: 84938
Telephone Number: 0097142599055
Fax Number: 00000
E-mail: info@hallmarkauditors.com
Website: http://www.hallmarkauditors.com/
Business Activity: Audit & Assurance, Auditing, Accounting, CFO Services, VAT Services, ERP & Accounting Software,

Company Profile:

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we are the part of emerging business capital of the world and our unparalleled customer centric approach, quality oriented outlook has made given us wide clientele both in Dubai & UK. We follow a single set of high-quality, global accounting standards, known as IFRS Standards. Our Mission is to promote transparency, accountability and efficiency in books of accounts of our clients in order to get them best out of their financial and managerial resources. Our well qualified staff has varied industry experience. We hence serve all types of industries, banks and freezones in Dubai. Needless to say, our staff and their passion for accounting, their detail oriented approach has paved our way to success by far. Today, they have taken the confidence of their rich clientele across the world to reach them for assistance in Auditing, Accounting and Management consultancy.

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