Gibca Furniture Industry Co. Ltd. (LLC)

Gibca Furniture Industry Co. Ltd. (LLC)

Listing Id: 323545

Company Name: Gibca Furniture Industry Co. Ltd. (LLC)

New Amman Street, Industrial Area,Ajman, United Ar

POBox: P.O. Box 2
Telephone Number: + 97167436888
Fax Number: +97167436903
Business Activity: GFIUAE specializes in the supply and installation of Hufcor operable and movable glass walls, Skyfol

Company Profile:

Gibca Furniture Industry Co. LTD. (LLC), part of Gibca group, is a leading manufacturer of premium contract furniture. Since our establishment in the 1990s, we have provided innovative and quality work space solutions for over 50,000 installations throughout Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. By fostering the culture of innovation and creativity we’ve established ourselves as the region’s leading space management solution providers. Understanding our every client’s objectives, we work with them to create work space solutions for today and give them the flexibility for future change. Our modern state of the art facility allows us to develop innovative and quality products to serve our clients’ needs. Our highly-qualified technical team provides customized service to our clients from the design phase to the after sales service. They work with each client to identify their project objectives, make knowledgeable recommendations, prepare quotes, technical drawings and budgets. Our range of highly engineered products are build and assembled in our state of the art facility under strict quality controlled environment. When working with us, you can rest assured that the product you receive is of top quality workmanship.

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