Future Generation International Beauty Salon

Future Generation International Beauty Salon

Listing Id: 316891

Company Name: Future Generation International Beauty Salon

Al Nibras Building Mezzanine Floor No. M01 Hamdan

POBox: 111989
Telephone Number: 02 674 9758
Fax Number: 02 674 9758
E-mail: fgibeautysalon@gmail.com
Website: http://
Business Activity: Beauty Salon

Company Profile:

Future Generation International Beauty Salon Special Promo Offered: 5 kinds of ANY Services for only AED 99.00 only!! Choose any of the following: - Hair Spa – Body Whitening – Foot Spa - Hand Paraffin – Foot Paraffin - Hot Oil – Threading Eye Brow - Threading Upper Lip – Threading Lower Lip - Manicure – Pedicure – Hair Cut - Underarm Waxing – Moroccan Bath Vision: Be relaxed, be Beautiful and pamper yourself all the time. Mission: We endeavor to provide a pleasant reliable and professional service with a satisfactory result. About: Established since 03 August 2012, Future Generation International Beauty Saloon located in Al Nibras Building Mezzanine Floor, Backside of GNC Building Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi. Every clientele is the most attribute to the saloon – without you we would not be here. We are a team of professionals with one goal to achieve our vision and mission with passion and knowledge, memorable experience, relaxed, comfortable is our priority in each valued clients. We Offer a different kind of variety services to continue and extend each expertise to commit the high level of brilliant services and price that everyone can be afford. Our Offered Services: ? Hair Care Treatment: ? Keratin, Rebond, Cellophane, Hair Color, Hair Spa, Hot Oil and Hair Cut and other services ? Facial and Skin Care Services: ? Facial, Waxing, Threading, Plucking and Paraffin ? Body & Bath Care Services: ? Massage, Moroccan Bath and Body Whitening ? Nail Care Services: ? Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Spa and Nail Art Call To Book For An Appointment: 02 674 9758 / 052 810 8077 Saloon Timing: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Daily Al Nibras Building Mezzanine Floor No. M01 Hamdan Street Abu Dhai UAE Like us on facebook : www.facebook.com/fgibeautysalon

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