Fleifel International Furniture Dwc-LLC

Fleifel International Furniture Dwc-LLC

Listing Id: 320397

Company Name: Fleifel International Furniture Dwc-LLC

1st Floor, Dubai World Central HQ Building? Near N

POBox: 390667
Telephone Number: +971522990690
Fax Number: +9611311192
E-mail: khodr@fleifel.com
Website: http://fleifel.com
Business Activity: Office furniture trading

Company Profile:

Fleifel International Furniture is a supplier of office and educational furniture. We do not only supply furniture, we supply solution, innovation and comfort to our customers. In our philosophy, we care about creating a pleasant and comfort environment to work. We are a continuity of K. Fleifel Ind. Co. sarl, which was established in 1981, the factory and showroom is based in Beirut – Lebanon. We are proud of our suppliers that give us the best quality, and best price. Our main suppliers are from Italy, Germany, and Far East countries. Our target market is from medium to high end. The supplier that we have collaborated through many years have many certificates such as Iso, Bifma, SGS, Greenguard and many other… We have a wide variety of collection from seating, desk, sofa, cabinet, partition, workstation, storage solution and many more to supply companies, banks, hospital, schools, universities, etc… Our long experience in the field of furniture gave us a distinctive advantage of how to maintain a well reputable brand name in the market, from quality to service and after sales service. We have many projects reference which can be provided as per request.

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