Fasteners Manufacturer | Classic Metallic

Fasteners Manufacturer | Classic Metallic

Listing Id: 324487

Company Name: Fasteners Manufacturer | Classic Metallic

Emirates Industrial City Sector 7, Plot No: 64 A

POBox: 5841
Telephone Number: 97165751335
Fax Number: 97165347298
Business Activity: IndustrialFastenersManufacturer, IndustrialFasteners, industrialfastenerscompany

Company Profile:

The leading Industrial Fasteners company in the Middle East, UAE, especially manufactures fasteners and company has various in-house coating facilities such as hot-dip galvanizing, zinc plating, fluoropolymer, and phosphate coating. Trusted source for anchor bolts, stud bolts, drywall screws(gypsum screws), stainless steel & high tensile fasteners

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