Excellence Auditing & Business consultancy

Excellence Auditing & Business consultancy

Listing Id: 321005

Company Name: Excellence Auditing & Business consultancy

Unit 1606, Fortune executive tower, Cluster T , JL

POBox: 127434
Telephone Number: 565097213
Fax Number: 565097213
E-mail: consultant1@excellenceauditing.com
Website: http://www.excellenceauditing.com/
Business Activity: Auditing , Accounting , Company formation

Company Profile:

Excellence is a premier Audit, Advisory and Business Management Consultancy firm counted among the reputed medium-sized auditing and advisory organization in Dubai, UAE. Being born in the emerging business capital of the world, we have gained popularity among the business sector from small and medium-sized companies to the multinational corporate. We are registered with the Ministry of Economy and Department of Economic Development to operate in United Arab Emirates, along with various free zones of UAE. We are channel partners of a formal network of management consultants, legal consultants, auditors, accountants and lawyers based all across the world. Our physical presence is in Dubai. However, our clients are in different parts of the Emirates and also from different parts of the world. Majority of our regular clients is from Europe and European Union, Asia and Middle East, USA and Australia who are highly quality conscious and expect superior service and professional approach.

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