EuroCoffee L.L.C.

EuroCoffee L.L.C.

Listing Id: 322547

Company Name: EuroCoffee L.L.C.

Showroom 8, Al Rostamani Business Centre, Sheikh

POBox: 71535
Telephone Number: 043807899
Fax Number: 043807858
Business Activity: Coffee and Coffee machine supplies.

Company Profile:

EUROCOFFEE LLC is UAE's leading distributor for Lavazza coffee and an extensive product range of professional and vending machines including Wega, Necta and Fracino brands. Established in 2000, EUROCOFFEE has managed to build an impressive portfolio with a wide range of local and international businesses. In 2010 EUROCOFFEE launched Lavazza's 43rd global official training centre in Dubai, where we offer extensive selection of customised training programmes and refresher courses. We are renowned for our vast experience and products knowledge, as well as our professional tailored advice to clients offering the best possible solutions.

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