Enplusme – Event production companies in Dubai

enplusme - Event production companies in Dubai

Listing Id: 321755

Company Name: enplusme - Event production companies in Dubai

Al Quoz Industrial 1, Mashreq Bank Building Wareho

POBox: 37487
Telephone Number: +971 55 47 102 73
Fax Number: -
E-mail: enplusmeeventproduction@outlook.com
Website: http://enplusme.com
Business Activity: event production companies in dubai

Company Profile:

en+ is a fully integrated production house that provides reassuring solutions to a wide spectrum of industries. en+ was formed to address the growing gap between client requirements and supplier limitations in the region. The team at en+ takes pride in turning dreams into reality. Business Hours: 9 am -6 pm Additonal Phone Number: +971 43883322 Contact Email ID: [email protected] Social Media Profiles: https://www.facebook.com/Enplusme/posts/659713830804621 https://twitter.com/enplusme

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