Elegant Business Man Services L.L.C

Elegant Business Man Services L.L.C

Listing Id: 321667

Company Name: Elegant Business Man Services L.L.C

Ajman Corniche Tower Ground Floor, Elegant Busines

POBox: 40091
Telephone Number: +971543778678
Fax Number: +971543778678
E-mail: myelegantservices@gmail.com
Website: http://www.elegantbusiness.ae
Business Activity: Business Consultant, Business Setup Services, Business Services

Company Profile:

Elegant Business Man Services has been incepted by a group of professionals that have contributed strongly in setting up base for corporate bodies and individuals in the United Arab Emirates for over 30 years. This professional contribution of each individual brought together a strong team of partners that have been successfully involved in the ‘business of business.’ With our diversified group of partners you would have access to a lawyer, a banker, the accountant, marketing and distribution specialist and many others. Elegant Business Services understands the requirements of each business type and our objective is ‘meeting business needs’.

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