Early MBA

Early MBA

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13th Floor, High Sky, Opal Tower, Business Bay, Du

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E-mail: meet@earlymba.co.uk
Website: https://www.earlymba.co.uk
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The Early MBA programme is a transformative short course for teenagers held at partner schools as an after-school activity or holiday camp. It is unique in that it delivers the benefits of the wide MBA curriculum in a stimulating age-appropriate way. It is inspired by the world’s top MBA programmes and developed by a panel of industry experts and leading educationalists from Harvard, Cambridge and INSEAD with over 180 years of combined experience. This extra-curricular activity enables students to practically apply themselves in diverse teams to win challenges. The curriculum is curated by our Advisory Board who are senior leaders with successful careers at top companies including Google, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Johnson & Johnson. Experts share their life insights, gives talks and provide 1-1 coaching. Whether you are looking to improve your university application, get a work placement or discover the best career opportunities for you, the Early MBA Programme will empower you to discover your strengths and interests and maximise your potential.

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