Casa Havana Beauty Salon

Casa Havana Beauty Salon

Listing Id: 320456

Company Name: Casa Havana Beauty Salon

Villa 892 , Al Wasl Road Umm Suqeim 1 , Dubai, Uni

POBox: 213720
Telephone Number: +971 04 3215757
Fax Number: 7322302756
Business Activity: hair dressing, Pedicure, Manicure, Hair Style, Facial, Massage.

Company Profile:

Located in the heart of Umm Suqeim 1, Casa Havana Beauty Salon, our 1950's Cuban inspired space will take you back in time. We strive to create a warm friendly environment, a home away from home, where you, our guest feel welcome. We have a full service beauty salon in Dubai that unites luxury and innovation to provide every client with a glamorous and relaxing experience. Thus, though Casa Havana attracts devoted clientele from far and wide, we are a friendly and welcoming locally-oriented salon that focuses on beautifying the community! We incorporate innovative technology to make sure all of our services and products are top of the line. We pride ourselves in staying on top of the hottest seasonal trends to give our clients gorgeous looks and styles. Our skilled technicians specialize in a range of treatments that will maintain your appearance while also nurturing your body and pampering your soul. All Casa Havana Salon team members are highly trained in their areas of expertise, and continue to enhance their skills through seminars, advanced training and traditional certificates. We place the utmost importance on the cleanliness and sanitation of all our tools and products. In order to ensure client safety and satisfaction, we strictly use properly sanitized tools as well as single use disposable tools during all of our services. We put your needs first by providing the attention and care that you deserve.

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