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Karama, Dubai, UAE

POBox: 31291
Telephone Number: 0097143708783
Fax Number: 0097143708783
Business Activity: Building materials, oil & gas field material, construction material, MEP items,

Company Profile:

Carmos Trading FZE., established in 2013 is one of the leading procurement & supply company based in UAE. It is service oriented and professionally managed company with excellent market & technical knowledge to fulfill all the needs of various Industries like Water, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Pulp and Paper Mills, Cement Plants, Petrochemicals Refineries, Oil Refineries, Power Plants, and other allied fields, Civil constructions, Building maintenance, MEP, Facility management, Hotel industry, Manufacturing etc., 1pt single scrabbler, 3M safety products, 85 pcs tool kit, Absorbent granules, Absorbent pillows ,Absorbent rolls, Absorbents booms ,Absorbents pads ,Air heater, Air ventilation ,blower, Air ventilation Fan ,Allen key bolt ,B seal, Barcoded seal Bars, Battery operated pumps ,Beach umbrella ,Bearings, Bell mouth without roller ,Best supplier in uae, Bitumen board, black rubber hose, Black traffic cone, blower, Blue traffic cone, Blue warning tape, Bolt,seal, Bolt seal ,Border safety products, Brass cable glands ,Brass stencil, Brass Nut ,Broom stick ,Brush, Bubble wrap, building material ,Bulbond, WK Bulldog seal ,Bulltip seal ,Cable guide roller, Cable lugs ,Cable protector, Cable pulling winch, cable roller straight, Canvas Tarpauline, Car washer ,Cargo latch, Cargo latching, Cargo net, Carriage bolt ,Chain block, Chain hoist ,Chisel scallers, CNC butt fusion welding machine ,Compactor, Concrete & asphalt cutting machine ,Concrete power trowel blades ,Concrete vibrator & shaft ,Construction robot, Copper ferrules ,Corner bend roller, Cotton knitted gloves, Cup wire, brush Dewalt tools ,Diamond disc ,Diamond tile disc, Diaphragm pumps, Din 1587 dome nut DIN 571, coach screw, Disposable aprons, Disposable coverall, Disposable Shoe cover, Dormer products, Dotted gloves ,Double corner roller, Double dotted gloves ,Draw of froller ,Drop in anchor ,Duct rod ,Ear muff, Earth rods & earthing access., Edge trim in dubai, Electrical insulated rubber mat, Electrical insulating mats ,Electrical items, Electrical material ,Electrical rotary pump, Electrode oven, Emery paper , Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Galvanized, Black, Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, Energy saver lamp, Exit light Extension pole 2m & 3m, Eyevex Torch, Face shield, visor, Fasteners, Female adaptor ,Fevicol 1K PUR in UAE, Fevicol CA 777 ,Fevicol Hotmelt 388 ,Fevicol SH, Fevicol SH ,Marine Fevicol SP 77 in UAE, Fevicol supreme, Fevicol SWR FFp2, dust masks, Fiber glass ,. Silica, fire ret. sheets, Fiber helmet, Fiberglass, ladders, Fiberglass mats ,Fiberglass ropes ,Fiberglass Tapes, Fiberglass thread ,fire blanket, fire blanket 550 deg c to 1690deg c, Fire hose ,couplings, Fire retardant cover, Fischer plugs ,Flap Disc ,flat washer ,flexible duct ,Float discs, Fly killer, Foam roller ,foldable barrier, FRL units, Gasket sheets, Geared Trolley ,General consumables ,Generator spare parts, GI flexible conduit ,Glass convex Mirror, Gloves, guard clip ,Grease gun ,Grease nipples ,Green shade net, Green shade net, Green suction hose ,Green trffic cone ,Green warning tape, Grinding and polishing disc ,Grinding disc ,Guide roller 4 way ,Hammer handle ,Hammer handle, Hand pallet truck, Hand sander ,Hard broom ,Heating plate, Helmet chin strap, Hex head lag bolt, High pressure cleaner, Hilti tools, HSS cutte,r Hyd.& semi aut fusion weld.m/c, Hydraulic cable drum, Hydro test pump, Industrial plugs, Inflatable emergency shelter ,Jubilee clips, Kitchen sink ,mixer, Korean building materials, Laser measurement meter, Latex gloves, Leather hand gloves ,LED floodlight, LED head lamp, LED insect killer, LED rechargeable torch, LED Torch ,level hose 6mm, Lever block, Life jacket ,Lifebuoy, Lifting clamps, Lifting equipment, Line Dori, LK120 hand operated Siren ,Machine screw, Magnet plate lifting clamp, Magnetica base drilling machine, Makita tools, Male adaptor ,Manhole ,guide roller, Manila ropes, maniquene uae ,Manual butt fusion welding machine ,Manual workshop welding machine, Marble manual tile cutter ,Marble tile cutting disc, Masking tapes ,Measuring instruments ,Megaphone Metal cutting disc Metal marker Metal strip seal Metatarsal guard Micorfiber roller MIG welding gloves Mini bench saw Monhair roller mucking winch multi purpose ladder, Multipurpose ladders Needle scalers Neoprene rubber sheet Nitrile gloves Non spark shovel Non woven shoe cover NST male & female adaptor Nylon ropes Oil guage tape Oil spill kit Orange tarpauline Orange traffic cone Orange warning tape Paint brush Paint roller Paint tray 1ltr, 2ltr, 4 ltr Petrol wate rpump Pink roller Pink traffic cone Pipe clamp in dubai pipe roller in dubai pipes and fittings, Plain trolley Plastic container seal Plastic dip Plastic drums platform trolleys, Pneumatic Grease gun Pneumatic grinders Pneumatic submersible pump Polyester cargo net Polyester wind sock ppr pipes and fittings, protable air blower, Pug cutting machine ,Punching table,Pvc coated binding wire, pvc conduit, and fittings ,PVC mat in dubai, Rat guards, Rebar bender ,Rechargeable cooler ,Red & white wind socks, Red warning tape, Red welding gloves, Red&white chain, Reinforced clear hose ,Relays, Replacement airport windsock, Rescue flash light, Rescue pole roller, cabinet rope ladder ,Ropes @ Slings ,Rotary scaper, Rubber fenders in dubai ,Rubber Gum boots, Rubber hollow mat, Rubber humps ,Rubber mats ,Saddle fusion machine, Safety coverall, safety equipments, ,Safety goggle ,Safety harness ,Safety harness ,Safety helmet ,Safety jacket ,Safety shoes ,Safety special pouch, Safety whistle, Sanding disc ,Sanitary and plumbing, Scaffolding, spanner, scaffolding Tag ,Scaling Hammers ,Scissor jack 2 ton, Scrapper 1", 2" Screw jack, Scuper plugs ,Self drilling screw ,Sensor operated mixer set, screw Shackles, sheep clipper, sheet metal screw, Sheets ,Shoe caps, shoe shining machine, Shoecover dispenser, Shop crane ,Shower filter, socket, fasteners ,Soft brush ,Sounding tapes, Speed ramp, spray pain,t SS Convex mirror, stainless stell windsock pole, Steel nut, straight cable roller, Strength tools, Sunny hose ,Super glue ,swivel hardware Tap set, Tefflon round bars ,Tefflon sheets, Tefflon Tape, Telescopic ladders, Tellow safety mesh ,Texture roller ,thermometer, Tie rod, Tig welding gloves, Tiger yellow blackstripes roller, timber bolt ,Tirfor Tool box ,Tool kit Tools, Torch light, Torque wrench, Traffic baton ,Traffic cone ,Traffic cones skeeves, Traffic pole ,Triple corner roller ,Turbo grinding wheel, Used wooden pallets ,Vaccum cleaner ,Valve seat cutter set, Valves and fittings ,Vini tapes ,Violet warning tape ,Volder batteries, Warning tapes ,Wash basin ,mixer, wassertek in dubai ,Water crash barrier, water heater, water mist fan, Water proof Tapauline ,Water pump, Water spray fan, Water thermos ,Waterproof disposable coverall ,Welder boots, welding boots, Welding curtain green ,Welding curtain red ,Welding curtain yellow, welding equipment, Welding helmet ,Wheel barrow, Wheel stopper ,white coverall, EPDM, rubber, pvc, UPVC, high pressure, low pressure, supplier in Dubai, supplier in uae, Supplier in oman, supplier in saudi, supplier in muscat, supplier behrain, copper tubes, pipes & fittings / copper coil, insulation products, foam/rubber insulation pipes & fittings, glasswool insulations, flexible duct connectors & stuckup pins, duct sealant, adhesives & coatings, threaded rod, canvas clothings & rubber pads , pvc tapes/cladding, aluminium foil tapes, foam tapes & duct insulation tapes, refrigerant gases: r-11, r-12, r-134, r-141b, r-404, r-404a, 407c, r-408a, r-409a, 410a , refrigeration oil, filter dryer for air conditioner & refrigeration, thermostat, chilled water valves, brazing alloy & flux, grills & diffusers / motorized damper / fire damper, exhaust fans, pvc conduits & accessories, pvc sleeve pipes/coupler/short & long bend size: 20mm-160mm, gi boxes, gi conduits & fittings, single core wires, multi core cables, fire rated cables, rubber cables, cable tray & accessories, isolators, lv panels enclosure, switchgear, lv panels, smdbs, dbs, wiring accessories (swtich & socket), cable gland & plugs, light fittings, emergency light, earth rod & accessories, electrical water heater/calorifiers/solar, ppr pipe & fittings, upvc pipe & fittings, sanitary ware, valves, water saving aerator / nipple, water tank, booster pump, fire fighting pipe & fittings, pvc sleeve, pipes/coupler/short & long, aluminium ladder - a type, alen key set, combination spanners set, spanner set, blade & cutter, cutting blade, cutting & grinding disc, hacksaw freame & blade, wire cutter, grinder machine, rivet gun bolt & nut, fix bolt/roofing bolt, chisel concret/pointed, pvc fishers, pvc connector, nylon rope, jute & shellac, nut & washers, screws-self/machine/wodden/brass/fisher, screw drivers(+, -),hammers, testers, spirit level, water level, masking tape, pvc insulation tape, teflon tape, measuring tape, warning tape, markers, paint - epoxy / water/emulsion, paint brushes, thinner, boss white, grease, glue, unifix, hessian cloth

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