Brands Star General Trading LLC

Brands Star General Trading LLC

Listing Id: 321166

Company Name: Brands Star General Trading LLC

Shaikh Zayed Road

POBox: 83486
Telephone Number: 04 5510482
Fax Number: 04 5510482
Business Activity: Hospitality General Supplier

Company Profile:

Brand Star General Trading LLC was Established with a view to facilitate the Boomingindustry of Hospitality in GCC countries, especially in U.A.E –Dubai. We provide innovative design solutions to all Government, Commercial and Private sectors. Since we have all Fabric (144 TC/450 TC) with 280 cm width We specialize in tailor made requirements For example Staff Uniform ,Table covers, Bed sheets, Bed skirts, Pillow Covers, Duvet & Duvet Covers, Cushion covers ,Curtains and Sofa Upholstery making under our Manufacturing unit (Brand interior & Décor LLC) in Musafa -Abu-Dhabi was established 1996. We specializes in Hotel and office furniture products and is currently being supplied locally in UAE and Exported to other GCC countries as well as African Countries. Prompt delivery, affordable pricing and high efficiency are our core Strength to maintain our Global Competitiveness. Our qualified team is capable of handling all your needs and well organized logistics departments makes things easy to meet the deadlines. We believe in quality and “Customer satisfaction is our main Concern” is our Company Slogan. We pride ourselves by offering our customers a diversified range of stylish products but yet affordable and custom--?made to match their needs and requirements in the following sectors. 1- Hotels Resorts & Spa. 2- Hospitals. 3-Hotel Staff Accommodations. 4- Office Equipmets. 5-Educational Institutes. Thanks and Regards, Executives Brand Star Trading.

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