Brandroot Marketing FZC

Brandroot Marketing FZC

Listing Id: 320425

Company Name: Brandroot Marketing FZC

Dubai, UAE, IMPZ

POBox: 117873
Telephone Number: 971556580024
Fax Number: 045131375
Business Activity: Service industry

Company Profile:

I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly introduce my company Brandroot Marketing FZC, DUBAI, UAE We specialize in display, design & fabrication of stands at exhibitions & events, BTL activations, weddings and have a wide spectrum of reputed clients ranging from exhibition organizers to corporate sectors. We have in-house design studios, infra structural facilities and specialized work force to provide with global standards in all area. I would like to be associated with your company of repute and are very keen to be a part of your projects for the upcoming shows in Gulf & In India. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with your Esteem Organization.

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