Brand Me Advertising

Brand Me Advertising

Listing Id: 318800

Company Name: Brand Me Advertising

Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2

POBox: 41414
Telephone Number: 00971504684201
Fax Number: 0097143203472
Business Activity: SignageCompany

Company Profile:

As an Outdoor advertising company, our aim is to catch the visitor’s attention from the aspect of design and stand quality. As everything starts with a design so does exhibition stands. We have the capacity and resources to produce large stands in strict time and budget limitations that includes exhibition stand contractors, large numbers of exhibition stands as well as beautiful and attractive exhibition stands in Dubai.

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User Reviews

  1. Working with the BrandMe Advertising team was one of the best experience. The friendly staff helped with the last minute changes from our end giving attention to minutest detail of the exhibition stand project given to them and the end result was more than perfect.

  2. We had our signage repair & maintenance work done from BrandMe Advertising. It will not be wrong that it helped us maximize the life of the signage and helped us get maximum return on investment. Thank you team BrandMe Advertising.

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