ARCHIDEC Interior Decoration LLC

ARCHIDEC Interior Decoration LLC

Listing Id: 320799

Company Name: ARCHIDEC Interior Decoration LLC

UAE Enterprises Building, Airport Road, Al Garhou

POBox: 124963
Telephone Number: 0097142210930
Fax Number: 0097142210931
Business Activity: Architectural Metal & Glass, Interior & Exterior Finishing

Company Profile:

Archidec was found in Sri Lanka by young energetic team in 2014. It rapidly grew its operations in Middle East Market to Globalize the Organization and started its new Head Office in Dubai, UAE in April 2016. And its representing well reputed International Brands in Middle East and South Asia region. Archidec is one of the growing organization within the industry to provide new as well as exclusive systems for Interior and Exterior Applications along with Architectural products such as Metal, Glazing and Cladding. Archidec has come up with a revolutionary and specialized products for the comfort and safety of you and your family. We have provided our products to our valuable clients in various parts of the World through our dependable and trusted services.

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