Ahmed Almazroei Metal Industries

Ahmed Almazroei Metal Industries

Listing Id: 318773

Company Name: Ahmed Almazroei Metal Industries

Plot No. 49, M16 Industrial Area Musaffah, Abu Dha

POBox: 5637
Telephone Number: +97125550111
Fax Number: +97125550066
E-mail: info@amindustry.ae
Website: http://www.amindustry.ae
Business Activity: Fireproof Steel Doors, Mechanical Parts, Steel Door, Building Steel Cladding, Fabricated Decorative

Company Profile:

Ahmed Almazroei Meta Industries is established on March 18, 2013. It is located Plot No. 49, M16 Industrial Area Musaffah, Abu Dhabi UAE with P.O. Box No. 5637. Our aim was and still is, to service the industry with quality work, delivered on time and competitively priced. We are continually implementing the systems to streamline the costs and raise expectation and satisfaction. Born out of a need for Sheet Metal works, Quality Architectural Steel fabrication works in the local building construction industry. Ahmed Almazroei Meta Industries, combines quality steel products and a support team of factory employees to manufacture the needs of our loyal clients throughout the United Arab Emirates and our developing overseas markets. We are competent to deliver our services in the following area : "Design Fabrication, Supply, Install miscellaneous architectural metal works, Steel Fire Resistance Doors, Garbage Chute, Fire Rated Cabinet, Handrails, Cladding and any other intricate section related to steel fabrication for Offshore, Onshore for Oil and Gas Industries, Defense sector & Governments establishment." Our latest machineries are capable of developing excellent quality for Sheet Metal Works. We have excellent facilities, tools and skilled manpower to carry out any size of project is our specific field of activities

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