4xlabs software

4xlabs software

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Company Name: 4xlabs software


POBox: Na
Telephone Number: +6597912192
Fax Number: NA
E-mail: rafic@4xlabs.co
Website: http://biz4x.com
Business Activity: AML Global Risk Management, Live Fx Rates

Company Profile:

Dear Customer I would like introduce about Biz4x software solution which is more useful for money exchange industry with the latest market trend designed platform. Biz4x has integrated seven new features into one console. Currently 300 moneychangers are subscribed with 15 different countries.we are designed Sas platform which is included - Live Rates, Compliance Searches, Business management software (pos) and rates board etc You may register with us for 7days free trial on https://biz4x.com (i) Live FX rates - View more than 100 global currency pairs - Bid, Ask and Mid-market rates - Open, High and Low prices - Rates with up to 8 decimal places - Charts with historical and predictive market data - Customisable screens in multi-column table format - Accessible on desktop and mobile - API available (ii) Global compliance database - More than 3.3 million results from 100,000 different sources - Covers lists from 240 countries in 60 languages for every category of crime - Includes: Anti-money laundering (AML), Counter the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists. - Includes the Specially Designated Nationals, Blocked Persons (SDN) and US Office of Foreign Assets Control (US OFAC) lists - All search history recorded for a year - API available (iii) Business management (point of sale features) - Create and record cost of stock, Buy and Sell prices - Customise currency settings with precise accuracy in decimal places, denominations, units and direction (normal or inverse) - Record customer details and identify suspicious individuals through an integrated compliance database - Print receipts with customer details - Segment customers into different groups eg. watch and black lists - Manage and set different rates for multiple outlets - Set different permission settings for individual tellers - Access sales transactions, profit, loss and historical reports - Generate regulatory reports for relevant authorities - Export data into multiple file formats (iv) Customer acquisition - Set and display buy and sell rates online (https://get4x.com) - Centralized rate management - Rate board display - Accept currency bookings from customers We provide 24/7 tech service support, and any issues that are encountered will be immediately rectified. The Biz4x platform can be used on Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge. If you require any clarification on the above details, I'll be happy to explain further on our scheduled call. You can also send us an email or message via Whatsapp which will be replied within the same working day. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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