UNIMET Fze Steel Trading Company

UNIMET Fze Steel Trading Company

Listing Id: 317473

Company Name: UNIMET Fze Steel Trading Company

Hamriyah Free Zone , Sharjah – United Arab Emirate

POBox: 41921
Telephone Number: 971504801324
Fax Number: 971 (6) 5262848
E-mail: info@unimetuae.com
Website: http://www.unimetgroup.com
Business Activity: We deliver high performance structural steel, building materials, stainless steel, G.I.materials, pi

Company Profile:

Steel - a material vital to economic development and industries ranging from sign board manufacturing and shipbuilding to construction of skyscrapers. Our mission is the stable supply of wide range of steel to the dynamic industries resembling Infrastructure, Oil & Gas etc., not even in the MENA region but also worldwide.We deliver high performance structural steel, building materials, stainless steel, G.I.materials, pipes, fittings, woods, other ferrous & non-ferrous metals to upstream, midstream and downstream customers from all over the globe. We are committed to identifying and tracking market trends. Lasting partnership with local buyers and mutual respect with our manufacturers are the foundation and driving force for long-term success. UNIMET FZE is a leading steel stockiest and trading company with proven track record with prestigious clientele. Unimet FZE incorporated in Hamriyah free zone in United Arab Emirates holding by Unimet Group with high perception of quality and service in our trade sector. We are optimistically striven to dominate the market globally, especially MENA region. UNIMET FZE also act as overpass between world-class manufacturers and industrial customers. In every single step to our vision we continuously improve product quality and service in order to meet and exceed our customers demands, requirements and expectations.

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