Sublime Home Healthcare Centre

Sublime Home Healthcare Centre

Listing Id: 317798

Company Name: Sublime Home Healthcare Centre

Office 10, Al Maktab building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai,

POBox: 486206
Telephone Number: 04 3470504
Fax Number: 04 3470545
Business Activity: Home nursing, Chld care

Company Profile:

Our home is our security. It is the place where we can shut out the noise from outside and relax and be ourselves. Even when we go on holiday, we still feel good about coming back to our homes. No matter how wonderful a hotel we have stayed at, there really is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. At Sublime, we recognise the importance of the home environment – particularly during those times when we need a little extra care and support. Sublime is here to lend that helping hand …and all within the comfort of your own home. We offer a range of services including hotel nursing, specialist care for the elderly and new mothers as well as a more general care service. Contact us today – our highly trained, registered nurses and assistant nurses are dedicated to making your life easier.

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