Sofa Carpet Cleaning Company Dubai

Sofa Carpet Cleaning Company Dubai

Listing Id: 317155

Company Name: Sofa Carpet Cleaning Company Dubai

Dubai Al Barsha-1

POBox: 191993
Telephone Number: 0502255943
Fax Number: 042529313
Business Activity: sofa cleaning Shampooing Carpet Cleaning Shampooing Mattress Curtains Steam Cleaning

Company Profile:

ALFAF CLEANING SERVICES is one of the Leading Company Dubai which provide you UPHOLSTERY/ SOFA/ CARPET/ MATTRESS/ CURTAINS/CHAIR/ and RUG Cleaning Services with the help of Perfumed Detergent environmentally friendly for Healthy Home and Deep Sanitization Machine which can Remove the Dirt Dust, Gram Stains and make your Upholstery FRESH & SHINY. DEEP CLEANING SERVICES Sofa Couches Deep Shampoo Cleaning Carpet Rugs Deep Shampooing Curtains Deep Steam Cleaning Dining Chair Deep Shampoo Cleaning Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning Car interior Carpet Seats Cleaning Leather Sofa Cleaning and Polishing Oven stove Deep Steam Cleaning Office Carpet Chairs Shampooing Glue Removal Carpet Removal Café, Bar Restaurants Chairs Sofa Cleaning School, Clinic, warehouse Deep Cleaning Villa Deep Cleaning Apartment Deep Cleaning ALFAF cleaning services use Different kind of latest Cleaning Machines Steam, Shampoo Special Acid, Chemical and most Recent Technology by Professional way and on the Best Price. We strive to provide Cleaning Services at the Highest quality and Care through our Specially Trained Staff Technician and State of the Art Equipment. Our Services all over Dubai and Sharjha 24 Hour's 7 Days a week Quick, Reliable and Affordable. Contact us for All kind of Deep Cleaning . CONTACT US 24/7 Booking: 0502255943 Whatsapp: 0557320208

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