Mega Star Movers LLC

Mega Star Movers LLC

Listing Id: 316582

Company Name: Mega Star Movers LLC

Al Qouz, Dubai, UAE

POBox: 390756
Telephone Number: +97143466171
Fax Number: +97143466172
Business Activity: Packing & Moving

Company Profile:

Mega star Movers LLC (MSM) is one of the leading companies in UAE that provides reliable and timely services in the field of packing and moving. Established in 16th March 2011, Mega Star Movers has grown to be one of the most renowned and recommended companies in UAE in the moving and storage industry. Mega Star Movers with more than 20 experienced & skilled staff, 10,000 sq. humidity controlled ware House and modern equipped vehicles offers International & domestic packing services, Value add services, Local shifting services, corporate goods relocation, House hold goods ware housing, relocation services, Car carrier services, packing services and freight forwarding service. Mega Star movers maintain modern and fully equipped fleet of trucks that help ensure smooth transport and transition of the goods. We keep updating and increasing our fleet yearly to meet the growing demands in our market. We offer practical help and reassurance at every level. Our organization is client focused and always taken pride in its personalized services and prodigious care of our customers’ goods. The attainment of customer satisfaction is a governing philosophy that has enabled us to gain a substantial market share and achieve spiraling success in the industry. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service at optimum cost. This makes Mega Star Movers the smart choice for all your moving needs.

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