INMA Business Development

INMA Business Development

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Company Name: INMA Business Development

606 Abu Dhabi Plaza Tower Fatima Bin Mubarak (Nadj

POBox: 44133
Telephone Number: +971 02 5833221
Fax Number: +971 02 5833221
Business Activity: INMA Development Process, Business Consultancy and Corporate Re-Structuring and Business Incubator

Company Profile:

INMA means “Growth” INMA in Arabic means “Growth” and that’s what it stands for. In its three areas of operation, INMA links the investor to a successful business. We can identify a sound business idea and develop it into a sound operation or turn an ailing business into a solid structure or assist a fresh entrepreneur set up his/her business. INMA’s main function is to recognize the need for distinctive and thoroughly studied projects that add substantial value to the community and economy in general and present them to eager investors. It is the founders belief that today’s business community doesn’t need another consultant; rather it needs a committed experienced partner. That’s why INMA solicits its fees in major proportions in shares in the projects it identify and develop.

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