Horizon Commercial Brokerage

Horizon Commercial Brokerage

Listing Id: 323172

Company Name: Horizon Commercial Brokerage

Fujairah Trade Center, Hamad Bin Abdullah Road, 4t

POBox: 73
Telephone Number: +971-9222-7710
Fax Number: 092227710
E-mail: indo@hcb.ae
Website: http://www.hcb.ae
Business Activity: international brokering activities, especially in the trade and movement of select commodities

Company Profile:

Horizon Commercial Brokerage is an Emirati-owned and managed trading company. Established in February of 2017, the company specializes in international brokering activities, especially in the trade and movement of select commodities--all in compliance with International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) standards, guidelines and globally mandated agreements. Products and commodities being traded by Horizon Commercial Brokerage includes raw and refined sugar, crude and refined oil, petroleum-based products, sugar beet pulps in pellets and prilled and granulated urea, among others. With its headquarters strategically located in Fujairah, UAE, the company is backed by a team of expert brokers, traders and a support staff that is proficient in the international trading industry. Despite being recently established, Horizon Commercial Brokerage brings a collective ten years’ worth of experience in the industry--relying on a global network of clients composed of leading global brands, key decision makers and international sales experts. Armed with a vision to grow and consolidate a commanding global presence, the company is confident in a 4-year expansion plan that looks towards establishing offices strategically located around the world, like Italy (2018), India (2019), China (2019) and USA (2020). Horizon Commercial Brokerage is further driven forward by its core attitude of being ambitious, highly driven and up to the challenges of the industry today. Horizon Commercial Brokerage serves as an administrative and marketing center for the foreign company. By contrast, a branch office is a full-fledged business, permitted to perform contracts or conduct other activities as Specified in its license.

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