Good Day Commercial Stores Limited

Good Day Commercial Stores Limited

Listing Id: 322777

Company Name: Good Day Commercial Stores Limited

62 & 60 LEDB Shops Jankara Market,Idumagbo Avenue,

POBox: 313
Telephone Number: 72884041
Fax Number: 72884041
Website: http://
Business Activity: Exporters And Importers

Company Profile:

This is to introduce our above name Company (GOOD DAY COMMERCIAL STORES LTD) to you as one of leading Bonafide Exporters All Agriculture Products,Herbs Products, Importer and Wholesalers here in Nigeria. We have been on Importation for Long in which we have no doubt in transact business with your firm if chance is given to do so. Our Company details is:- GOOD DAY COMMERCIAL STORE LIMITED, 60/62 L.E.D.B. SHOPS JANKARA MARKET, IDUMAGBO AVENUE, LAGOS ISLAND, LAGOS - NIGERIA CONTACT PERSON:- MR. ABDULSALAM ADE AYO OUR BANK DETAILS:- FIRST BANK NIGERIA PLC, SAUDI EKO BRANCH, NNAMDI AZIKIWE STREET, LAGOS ISLAND, LAGOS - NIGERIA We hope you have satisfy with the above information, which can lead us to profitable and mutual business.

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