Gandhi Clearing Company LLC

Gandhi Clearing Company LLC

Listing Id: 317338

Company Name: Gandhi Clearing Company LLC

Burdubai - AL MINA ROAD, Jotun Paints Bldg - 6th f

POBox: 122078
Telephone Number: 043545005
Fax Number: 043545300
Business Activity: Renowned, Clearing, Agent, Customs, Dubai Municipality, Clearing Agent, Port, Customs, Ministry of E

Company Profile:

A well-established Clearing Agency in Dubai with over 10 years exposure in all kinds of Imports & Exports within the Emirate. We specialize in Foodstuffs Import of raw materials and Processed goods for the retail market in Dubai as well as re-exports. We also look after the imports of Non-Food Consignments such as Cosmetics, Heavy Machinery for production units & factories, Processed goods packaging materials, etc. Our quality services offer various activities including Food Items Registrations, Label Assessments, Food Import Request Services, Food Export Health Certificates, Destruction of goods, Re-working and re-inspection of rejected goods, legalization of documents such as Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestations, Laboratory Analysis & Management of Dubai Municipality Inspections, updating our respected clients at every stage of advancement. We also manage the Customs Inspection / Clearance process for our respected clientele. Our Specialized and experienced team works towards ensuring a hassle-free- ‘Port to Warehouse’ handling process. Any kind of troubleshooting concerns with clearing your shipment in Dubai, Our team can assist you with pleasure. In case of any query with regards to our services, Please feel free to contact us on our webpage.

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