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POBox: 391186
Telephone Number: +97143360300
Fax Number: +97143360301
Business Activity: Projector Dubai, Shredder Dubai, Cash Machine Dubai, Counting Machine Dubai, Toner Dubai, Epson Dub

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Who We Are part of "Athar Ecommerce Solutions FZE" Company Incorporated in UAE. We are a leading e-retailer backed by the entrepreneurial experience of Online Retailing Experts in USA. Our Vision: Convert Our Websites into an Online Shopping Paradise for Customers Through Innovative Offerings and Quality Customer Services Within UAE & Beyond! Our Mission: Compete with Traditional and High Priced Competitors by Providing Quality Services, Customer Support and Product Delivery at Customers doorstep! Necessity is the mother of Invention! The Need for Establishment of is due the fact that we closely observed an opportunity in difficulty. Online Retailing of Office Equipments and Electronics has still not reached to a level where a customer can just visit a website which offers everything related to their office and home office needs with an ability to purchase online using their Credit Cards. This is mostly because of the lack of traditional suppliers unwilling to render services of online purchasing within this region. Instant Order Processing! team believes that true service starts after the product you ordered online arrives at your doorstep. We follow through on our commitment to excellence with exceptional customer service. Our team of service associates are available via phone, e-mail and online chat to ensure your utmost satisfaction. We pride ourselves on offering service unmatched by any of our competitors. We offer an Advanced Order Processing System at the hands of our product specialists that provides us with real-time product data including pricing, availability, and detailed product information. We have automated our order fulfillment process to the point where in-stock orders are filled and placed on our shipping platform within minutes of being entered. Our People! Our biggest asset is our people and when we say it, we mean it. Our Philosophy is that if our people are always synergized and they are given the direction with an ultimate aim to serve and fulfill the customer requirements. Rest of it comes automatically. Our staff is dedicated to making your buying experience a productive one. From the moment you call, you'll find we take an active interest in satisfying your needs. All of us are working to make sure you get more than just a product. We want every customer to be a satisfied customer!

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